KATO and Compact Excavator Sales Continues to Extend Their Line

Since KATO bought out IHI’s construction equipment line, their offerings in the Americas have continued to expand. Since 2016, KATO and their US-based distributor, Compact Excavator Sales (CES), have made available three large excavators. The newly available excavators range from the HD512LC-7 to the 54,000-pound HD823MR-7. 


The 823MR is a minimal radius powerhouse, drive by the 172hp ISUZU 4HK1X. The four-pump hydraulic system and nearly 22 feet of digging depth will move heaven and earth on your jobsite. 


While the line has gotten bigger, CES is really separating from the pack with their battery-powered excavator. Last year, CES debuted the 9VXB, one of the industry’s first 100% battery-powered excavators. This revolutionary machine has numerous applications for indoor excavation, changing emissions standards, and any contractor working in close proximity to the public. 


Regardless of the situation, operators can maintain a safe working environment for your crew and others near your indoor dig site with this zero emissions machine. Are your customers concerned about a sterile food-processing environment, air-quality for their crew & others nearby, or issues with regulatory constraints? The VXB line from Compact Excavator Sales is your answer to providing the right equipment for today’s market. 


The 9VXB’s eight hour battery life will keep you up and running for a full work day, with quick recharge times to get you back to work as quickly as possible. The 9VXB’s folding R.O.P.S., 27.5” retractable undercarriage, and folding push blade will fit the machine through any standard 30” door frame. These 

unbeatable dimensions are perfect for hard to reach spaces. The 9VXB has an operating weight of just 2,060 pounds, with a dig depth of 5’2” and digging force of 2,360 pounds. 


This small but powerful machine can be equipped with attachments such as a hydraulic hammer, compactor, or thumb. The possibilities and applications are endless with the battery-powered 9VXB excavator from Compact Excavator Sales! 


Contact KATO-Compact Excavator Sales by visiting www.katoces.com/ or calling (800) 538-1447 to learn more!